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Stripper Services

The Stripogram                                                                      

A quick, fun way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary,

going away party, graduation, promotion, divorce, etc.

Your entertainer will strip down to a bikini, lingerie, or

topless and dance for the guest of honor.  This can be

done at home or even at the office. Great way to

surprise someone or send a unique gift while you are

out of town. These usually last about 20 minutes or

longer based on tipping.


   Make it a complete package with a Personal touch!

                                    (See Below)


Your Entertainer will arrive in a costume!                                           

Your Entertainer will bring a balloon, cupcake, etc                            

Your Entertainer can bring a gift, such as flowers,

   wine, a bottle of champagne, etc.                                        Price will vary


* Ask for Costume options when calling

* Tell us the gift you have in mind when calling.





The Champagne Room                                                             

Great for couples includes an hour of topless dances in a truly private comfortable environment great for a valentines gift anniversary gift birthday gift or just a special surprise for that special person or friend.



The One Girl Party                                                                        

  w/a minimum of 4 guests **tipping required**


Great for a small bachelor or other party.  Includes

dances for the guest of honor and other guests and

XXX party games.  Can be topless or nude.  The party

last an hour or longer based on tipping.





The Two Girl Party                                                                        


Twice the fun!  A double-dance for the guest of honor

and other guests and double the XXX party games.

These usually last an hour and a half or longer based

on tipping.





The Two Girl Show Extreme show                                                                        


Your fantasies have come true! A hot girl on girl show

where anything can happen. From kissing and licking

to drilldos dildos and strap-ons, the show gets wilder based on

your participation.

Don't see your city listed?  Call us to see if we can service your area!


• Additional fees may apply










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